FIWARE Tutorial Schema:Store

Store - a building which sells things.

PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from Store
furniture Relationship: Shelf A list of Shelf Units found in the store
verified Property: boolean Whether the address of the Store has been verified
Properties from FIWARE Building
address Property: address The address of the Store
name Property: text The name of the Store
location GeoProperty: geo:json The location of the Store
category Property: category The category of the Building
tweets Property: articleBody Tweets made by people within the Building

A snippet of the @context and @graph can be seen below (scroll to see more detail):

  "@context": {

    "fiware": "",
    "tutorial": "",
    "Building": "fiware:Building",
    "Product": "tutorial:Product",

    "address": "schema:address",
    "category": "fiware:category",
    "furniture": {
      "@id": "tutorial:furniture",   
      "@type": "@id"
    "verified": {
      "@id": "tutorial:verified",
      "@type": "xsd:boolean"
  "@graph": [
      "@id": "tutorial:furniture",
      "@type": "",
      "schema:domainIncludes": [
          "@id": "fiware:Building"
      "schema:rangeIncludes": [
          "@id": "tutorial:Shelf"
      "rdfs:comment": "Units found within a Building",
      "rdfs:label": "furniture"