FIWARE Tutorial Schema:Product

Product - something sold in a Store

PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from Product
name Property: text The name of the Product
price Property: number The price of the Product
size Property: text The size of the Product in T-Shirt sizing (S,M,L,XL etc.)
currency Property: text The currency used to price the product

A snippet of the @context and @graph can be seen below (scroll to see more detail):

  "@context": {
    "tutorial": "",

    "Product": "tutorial:Product",

    "currency": {
      "@id": "tutorial:currency",
      "@type": "xsd:string"
    "price": {
      "@id": "tutorial:price",
      "@type": "xsd:decimal"
    "size":  {
      "@id": "tutorial:size",
      "@type": "xsd:string"
  "@graph": [
      "@id": "tutorial:Product",
      "@type": "rdfs:Class",
      "rdfs:comment": "Product is something sold in a Store.",
      "rdfs:label": "Product",
      "rdfs:subClassOf": {
        "@id": ""